Start investing today.

We're here to help more people invest responsibly in their neighborhood. Build wealth by investing in Nico’s Neighborhood REIT - a new approach to community wealth  that puts people first.

What Is Nico?

Nico is a neighborhood investment company that makes it possible for people 
who love their neighborhood to build a long-term financial stake in their 
community by investing in local real estate.

Reasons To Invest

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Build Wealth

Participate in a new model of neighborhood 
investing. Build long-term financial security and 
stability, without the high costs of buying a house. It’s easy. Start with $100.


Invest Responsibly

Investing in things like stocks, bonds or other 
assets can feel distant and abstract. You can now invest in something accessible and concrete like buildings you love and live in.


Champion Great Neighborhoods

By investing in Nico Echo Park, you can be proud 
to contribute to positive outcomes for local 
residents, community organizations, and small 
businesses. Nico buys older buildings, cares for 
them, and extends their effective life to reduce 
negative impacts on the environment.

How It Works

Be part of a neighborhood 
investment that puts the 
community first.

Invest In Echo Park

When you invest in Nico, you invest in a portfolio of multi-family and commercial 
properties across Echo park.

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1461 Sunset Boulevard

a 1920s mixed-use building with 20 
apartments and four retail stores on 
the ground floor

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1412-16 Echo Park Avenue

a 32-unit property with 11 distinct 
structures connected by a series of 

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1650 Echo Park Avenue

a 28-unit Art Deco-style brick 
apartment building

Invest in Echo Park in Los Angeles

Invest in Echo Park and build wealth in a way that benefits 
great neighborhoods.